Round Hill Samii Nensebo - 250g

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Round Hill Samii Nensebo - Filter - Washed

Refisa is a washing station in the region of West Arsi, deep in the south west of Ethiopia on the edge of Bale Mountain and the Harenna Forest. The washing station is owned by an export company named SNAP, who run three other washing stations in the local area.

Refisa works with approximately 400 farmers who deliver their cherry daily to the washing station for processing. The washed process is as follows. Cherry is presorted before being pulped, skin and fruit is removed before being graded. The wet fermentation is 72 hours, the coffee is then graded again, then soaked in clean water for 2 hours. Finally it is sun dried on raised beds while undergoing more sorting and cleaning.

Snap coffee is supporting the communities surrounding their washing stations by building schools, providing computers and other educational tools. They are also
building roads to less accessible farming areas and their long term plan is build health clinics too. We hope to visit soon to learn more about the farmers and the community.

Wolisho, Krume


1950 masl